Today, I’m turning over a new leaf. I’m going to get more blog posts published and out into the world. I have a photography archive of well over 100,000 images from life and travel and have only shared a fraction of them. Those that I have shared, most have been sadly dumped into a half organized gallery on my website or only shared on Instagram. They have been patiently waiting for some attention.

The reason I haven’t gotten to them? Mostly, it’s because I’m a perfectionist. It may sound nice to be a perfectionist but for me I find it most often holds me back from completing things. I want things to be so perfect before they go out in the world, I don’t finish. I get paralyzed by the fear of putting unfinished work out there, having subpar captions, or something else equally small in the scheme of things. Certainly it’s better to put things out in the world that may have some imperfections than to keep everything to myself.

My fears are often made worse by all the amazing inspiration all around me and honestly I just don’t feel like it’s good enough much of the time (no matter how much positive feedback I receive). I just need to cut that shit out… so with no further delay I give you a photo essay on Giants Causeway, Ireland in the next post. I hope you enjoy these things I make. Thank you for reading.